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Hi, I'm Rusty. I design amazing stuff...lots and lots of it! 
I've gone from print design and press checks to producing 
user experience products and interface graphics. My 
professional background includes over twenty years of 
design, production and managing fast-paced studios as well as working with the top companies in the tech industry. I create a wide variety of imagery such as 
branding collateral, user interface graphics, illustrations, 
product renderings and photography, sales aides, 
packaging, website design and whatever project I can get my hands on. Spanning a range of clients, I’ve produced 

collateral for the pharmaceutical industry, museums, 
music venues, sports organizations, academic institutions and more. 

A few additional facts:
• I completed a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail
• I'm a jazz and bluegrass enthusiast
• In addition to digital media, I'm also an oil painter
• I enjoy trail running, hiking and backpacking so most weekends you'll find me in the mountains...which means 
you probably won't find me.

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