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The Result: After a number of thumbnail sketches were created, a comprehensive sticker sheet of icons was developed that featured various highlights such as: good for kids, great beer selection, quick bites, healthy food options and others. These highlights appear in the business panel of your Google business search. If there are more than 4 highlights the list scrolls horizontally keeping space usage to a minimum.


highlights iconography

Discovering characteristics about a searched location using iconography

Client: Google Maps

Project type: Iconography set

Role: UI Product Designer

Industry: Consumer technology

Tools: Sketch, Illustrator

I collaborated with another designer to build this set of icons for Google Maps that can be found in Google's local knowledge panel for a business listing. 

The Goal: Provide the user iconography that represents the highlights or characteristics of a searched business that is glanceable and takes up a minimal amount of space on the search panel.

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