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Building prototypes to explore solutions for unique problems

Client: Meta
Project type: Communications and Messaging

Role: UX/UI Product Designer
Industry: Consumer electronics
Tools: Figma, After Effects

I built several motion studies and interactive prototypes for wearable devices that helped solve a number of hardware and software constraints with seamless and elegant transitions.

The Goal: Eliminate or diminish the perceived delay of fetching data from a server. 

Process: I worked with the engineering team to understand the hardware capabilities and constraints. Many concepts and motion studies were created and  final designs were then coded for user testing. 

The Result: Solutions with subtle animated attributes create added time for data to load. This combined with developed logic of how and where data and imagery are transferred result in a smooth transition that includes up-to-date message data.

Project type: Clock Face Complications
Role: UX/UI Product Designer
Industry: Consumer electronics
Tools: Figma, After Effects

The Goal: Create corner complications for various apps and features

The Result:
 Creating a set of watch complications that is clearly readable requires a new solution rather than cramming everything into the corners. I opted to integrate a clock face and widget system that temporarily displays data in the top center area of the face, where more vertical and horizontal space is available for larger fonts. The corners are still utilized but just for the icon selected by the user. With the selection of each complication, the dial animates in accordance to the data. These features shows the data in a larger, more glanceable format.


Icons displayed in corners for choosing data and progress visual to be displayed.

Progress ring utilizes larger, more readable area to display a glanceable representation of the data


Utilizing top central area to temporarily display information based on selected data. Font size for data can increase by 200% over competitor's design.


Complication opportunities with "uniwidget" concept






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